Birthday Party Ideas for a 21-Year-Old

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Young adults view their 21st birthday as a rite of passage.

Turning 21 years old is a big deal for many young adults; while you still can't legally rent a car on your own, 21 is the age of full-fledged adulthood. You've been able to vote, drive and smoke for a few years, and now you can finally legally purchase and consume alcohol. Many young adults choose to mark this milestone in a big way, even if they barely remember the night the next morning! There are many birthday-party ideas out there for a 21st birthday party ... whether or not you decide to drink.


Night Club

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A night club is the most obvious choice for a 21st-birthday venue. It includes dancing, loud music and flowing alcoholic beverages. This is a good option for large groups of people; either people can spread out in various areas of the night club, or a special room can be rented out strictly for the birthday party.

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Hotel and Restaurant

A more upscale birthday party can take place at a hotel and restaurant. A group of friends can pool their money together and be able to afford a hotel suite to spend the night, which is convenient for sleeping off any hangovers! Servers at a nice restaurant with a full bar can recommend drinks for any novice drinkers. Additionally, having a party at a hotel and nice restaurant is convenient for the party attendees who don't drink but still want a "mocktail." This option is better for smaller groups, depending on the size of the selected suite and restaurant.



If the birthday gal's favorite musician is in town the week of her birthday, a fun outing would be seats at the concert. Instead of a party, a concert is an actual event that will provide memories for years following the event. Many venues serve at least beer and wine, and some have full bars. If a particular venue does not allow alcohol on its premises, and the 21-year-old wants a drink, try finding a nearby restaurant within walking distance to enjoy either before or after the show. This is a good option for large groups of people.



For those with birthdays during the warmer months, having a pool party is a fun reminder of youth and can also provide some grown-up entertainment. Many community pools will close for private parties or will host private parties after hours. Another option would be to rent space at a hotel pool; a benefit of this is that some hotels have bars near the pool. A pool party is a great option for large groups of people.


At Home

For the 21-year-old who wants to avoid crowds and prefers a more intimate gathering, an at-home party can be just the thing. Gathering a small group of family and friends together to share stories and laughs can be an incredibly rejuvenating experience. Having a party at home makes it easier to incorporate a theme into the party.



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