Christmas Games for Kid's School Parties

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Hide Santa's reindeer around the classroom for an exciting scavenger hunt.

From reindeer to candy canes to snowmen, celebrate the winter season with a Christmas party in your classroom. School Christmas parties get children ready for their winter break and allow them to have some fun before they go. Use your imagination and a few supplies to create exciting games for your pupils. Award small Christmas prizes, such as stickers, pencils and erasers, to all game winners.


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Name That Christmas Tune

Give each child a piece of paper and a pencil. Play the first 10 to 15 seconds of several Christmas songs and tell the children to write down their answers. The player who identifies the most Christmas tunes correctly wins the game and a small prize. For younger children who cannot write, allow them to raise their hand and reveal the answers to earn a small prize.

Santa Claus Dress Up

Divide the children into two teams and give each team an extra large red sweat suit, white beard and a Santa hat. Blow up several red and white balloons to give to each team. The team must designate a leader. When you say "Dress Santa," the teams dress the leader up like Santa Claus. After they dress him, they must stuff his over-sized outfit with as many balloons as they can. Give the children two minutes to do this. Any balloons that pop do not count. At the end of two minutes, the team with the most balloons inside the "Santa" outfit wins the game.


Santa’s Reindeer Hunt

Purchase several small plastic reindeer at your local retail store or online and hide them all over the classroom. Give each child a small plastic Christmas-themed bag and tell him Santa's reindeer are lost. When you say "Go," tell the children to find as many of Santa's reindeer as they can. The player who finds the most reindeer wins the game.

Stocking Guess Relay

Fill two large stockings with different random items, such as a pine cone, a candy cane, a key, a peppermint, a plastic Santa Claus toy, an orange and a bar of soap. Hang the stocking on the wall so the children can reach it to put their hand in it, but cannot see inside it. You can also have two adults hold the stocking so the children cannot see into it when they are feeling an item. Divide the players into two teams and have them line up. When you say "Race," the first child in each line races to his team stocking. He must stick his hand in the stocking and try to guess an item. He grabs an item, guesses and pulls the item out to see if he is correct. If he is correct, his team earns a point and the next player runs to the stocking. If he is incorrect, he earns no point and the next player goes. The team with the most points at the end of 10 minutes wins the game. Make sure each child has a turn to guess.