Christmas Elf Makeup Styles

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It is easy to do Christmas elf makeup.

One of the most fun things about the holiday season is its opportunities to get dressed up. Sometimes it's a fancy office Christmas party, and sometimes it's a silly gathering with friends where you have the opportunity to wear fun Christmas elf makeup. There are a number of simple Christmas makeup looks, some more elfish than others. Many Christmas eye makeup designs use makeup you probably already have at home, so there's no need to go shopping.


Elf Makeup Look

Try some easy Christmas makeup looks for dressing up as an elf. The most obvious colors to use are red and green, but you can get very creative with them, depending on your makeup skill level. Use makeup techniques that you already know for a simple yet enticing elf makeup look. You can also do a cute elf look and incorporate some quintessential elf freckles on your cheeks, which is more of a costume look.


Video of the Day

For more advanced makeup artists, a glam Christmas elf look uses red and green eyeshadow, crystals and shocking green lips. You can also try a candy cane look that is a bit more intricate.

To up the ante, use red on one eyelid and green on the other, with contoured cheeks and deep red lips. This look is simple to apply but will turn heads. For dark elf makeup, try to incorporate some blue shades, or even white, as strange as it might sound. You'll get a frosty, wintery look that is both mysterious and festive. If you want to go all-in with the dark, perhaps evil, elf vibe, there are plenty of online tutorials to help.


Other Christmas Makeup Ideas

Try other easy Christmas makeup looks to pair with an elf costume or wear to an elf-themed party. These are more subtle or are more Christmas-themed in general rather than elf-specific. Thanks to Will Ferrell, Christmas elves are associated with cheer and holiday spirit. Sparkle with a Christmas-lights-inspired tutorial, or go with glittery gold for classic, almost vintage Christmas makeup.


Another popular trend is to use stickers or stick-on makeup details. Stick-on crystals are an excellent way to sparkle. You can also order other stickers in the shape of a Christmas tree, gingerbread man or snowflakes.

Even more resourceful, you can try children's rub-on temporary tattoos. Just make sure they're safe for sensitive skin (that will be easier on the thinner skin on your face) and not too large. You can even get in the spirit with red Christmas eye makeup. Or, try green, smokey eyes.


Practice Before the Big Day

Hopefully, you're looking ahead and have some time before you need to get dolled up for your elf party. Make sure you take your makeup look for a test run. Do it so that you have some time to change your mind.


Many elf makeup tutorials are simple to follow and apply, but you might end up hating the look once it's on your face – maybe it's not really suitable for your particular complexion or might not suit the purpose of your costume or dress-up event. Just try again with another design, then have fun!



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