Christmas Elf Makeup Styles

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Perhaps you have a job as a Christmas elf for the holiday season at your local mall, or are volunteering as an elf alongside Santa at a Christmas fair or children's hospital. Christmas parties are another excuse for festive makeup, including theme makeup such as a dark elf look. Classic elf makeup looks include dewy skin, glitter and sparkles all over.


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Green and Red Eye Makeup

Use cream green and red eye shadow to create a pretty elf look. Start with a swipe of black eyeliner on the top and bottom lids, then use your fingers to apply green cream shadow to your lids. Follow with a thin line of cream red shadow on the corners of the lids in an upward direction. The red should look sheer but noticeable. Use enough green shadow to create a bold, dramatic effect. Pair with sheer red gloss and cream blush for a dewy look.


Glitter and Crystals

Use eyelash adhesive to attach small, plastic crystals to the corners of the eyes. Dust loose glitter in the hair, shoulders, decolletage and even around the ears, if applicable. Apply cream glitter in silver, red and gold colors to the cheeks and around the eyes, including the brow bone. Define the eyes with brown eye pencil on the top and bottom lids and a few sweeps of brownish-black mascara. Paint the nails red and top with a clear, glittery polish.


Evil Elf

After applying pancake makeup use fake blood to splash the face to create an evil elf look. Pair with lots of dark eye makeup including eyeliner, mascara and shadow, and define the brows with dark brown pencil. Wear red or black false eyelashes and splash fake blood on parts of the body, if applicable, such as the hands and arms, decolletage and shoulders. Skip the blush and paint the lips a dark red.


White Eyes

Go for a simple but effective look by skipping the foundation and instead applying tinted moisturizer for a sheer, natural look. Apply lots of dark mascara and use false eyelashes if desired. Use creamy, rosy pink blush and either sheer creamy white eyeshadow or glittery white powder eyeshadow on the lids. Wear sheer pink creamy gloss on the lips. Draw a silver harlequin heart on one cheekbone near the eye to complete the look.


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