Ideas for an Eighth Grade Graduation Gift for a Girl

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Giving a special gift to a middle school graduate celebrates her achievement.

Middle school graduation is a milestone occasion in a student's life. It is a special moment marking an adolescent's transition on the path of adulthood as she enters high school. Giving a special gift honors the occasion and encourage a student's continued academic achievement. For your daughter, niece, sister or friend, giving a gift that inspires and brings her joy shows that you care. It is also a symbol acknowledging the bright future that is in store for her.



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Females of all ages enjoy items that sparkle and shine. An engraved locket or bracelet to remind her of this special moment in her life would be a wonderful gift. A string of pearls is a must have for every young woman that can symbolize the beginning of her transition into adulthood.


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Inspiring Books

Give her a copy of books that most inspired you. It can be a book of poetry or a biography of an accomplished leader. Popular teen books are also ideal choices.

Clothing Gift Card

Every young woman wants a new wardrobe for high school. Rather than trying to decide what's hot and what's not in the ever-changing world of teen fashion, purchase a gift card to her favorite clothing store. This will also give her a chance to pick out exactly what she likes so that it's something she wears.



Delivering flowers on graduation day adds to the festivity of the occasion. Showering the graduate with a bouquet of flowers such as roses or carnations right after her big moment on stage will make her feel extra special and loved.



Give a graduation greeting card with cash or a check enclosed and you can never go wrong. Cash-strapped teens will appreciate spending money for shopping or hanging out with friends.



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