Good Gifts for Kids to Give Friends When Moving

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Make saying goodbye easier for your child by providing her friends with gifts.

When a child has to move away, it is difficult not only for him, but for his friends as well. Moving away means leaving behind all that he knows and starting a new life somewhere else. In order to make the process a little easier, helping your child come up with gifts for his friends may alleviate some of the sadness he's feeling.


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Friendship Book

Because your child is leaving behind a city full of memories, she may feel alone and scared. Help her relive those memories by creating a "friendship book." A regular blank scrapbook will do, or you could create your own books with construction paper, a hole puncher and some yarn. Simply punch a hole through each sheet of construction paper, loop the yarn through the hole and tie a knot so that the pages don't come loose. Glue in some of your child's favorite photographs (get duplicates so your child may take photos with her) with creative captions. Include friendship quotes or notes that your child and her friends passed.



Making T-shirts with everyone's picture on it will not only allow your child's friends to keep him close, but he may also have one made and allow all of his friends to sign it. Each time he wears the shirt or looks at it, he will be reminded of the good times he had with his friends. Include a note with his phone number and new address so that his friends will still be able to contact him.


Friendship Rings

Use rings to symbolize everlasting friendship. Whether your child's friend is a boy or a girl, they may wear friendship rings on the finger or threaded through a necklace. Take it one step further by having each ring engraved with an "inside joke" or a friendship quote that relates to her group of friends. These rings show that no matter where she's going, she will forever remember her friends.



Use pictures that your child's group of friends drew, magazine cutouts, photographs and other decorative items to create a collage for each of your child's friends. Each collage may be different for each friend. For example, he could place a picture of him and one friend in the center surrounded by memories that are sentimental to those two and do the same for his other friends. Hand these out with a note written on the back listing his new address and phone number.