What Finger Foods Work Best With a Sub Sandwich as the Main Food?

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Submarine sandwiches are a favorite of kids and teenagers.
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Submarine sandwiches can be the main course for an informal gathering. Like any entree, a submarine sandwich can be complemented with the right finger foods and appetizers. Think about what elements in the sandwich you want to emphasize or understate and use targeted appetizers to achieve your gustatory goals.


Chips and Dip

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While perhaps not the most original finger food, chips and dip provide a reliable accompaniment to a tangy sub. The saltiness of potato and corn chips is extra satisfying when accompanied by the mustard and pickle that so many subs contain. Try a neutral sour cream dip as a contrast to a more flavorful sub. Serve corn chips and guacamole with a sub that has a barbecue or Tex-Mex flavor.

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Pickled Foods

Pickled and other tangy finger foods go nicely with a straight-up meat submarine sandwich without flourish. Serve dill or sweet pickles as a finger food; their salty taste will be welcome with a sandwich that contains no pickles. Similarly, green or black olives make a delicious and tangy finger food. If you want to be a little more adventurous, try pickled eggplant or sun-dried tomatoes. Serve them with small crackers or toasted baguette slices.


Sandwich Samples

Sometimes the perfect finger food is just a small sample of something already in the main dish itself. If you are serving subs that feature slices of barbecued chicken or beef, serve smaller chunks of the meat on the side. This will allow diners to taste the meat on its own while still enjoying it as part of the sandwich. Similarly, serving some fancy cheese from a sandwich by itself shows off the quality of the cheese, rather than having its taste lost among the other flavors.


Healthy Finger Foods

Finger foods can also be used to sneak in a little nutrition, especially if you are concerned about the high fat ingredients in a submarine sandwich. Carrot sticks, sliced celery or cucumber make an excellent accompaniment to almost any sub sandwich and provide a delicious crunch. If you are serving subs to kids who shy away from vegetables, offer them some healthy baked pita chips as an appetizer. Serve it with some hummus as an extra incentive to eat right.



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