How to De-Spice Hot Guacamole Dip

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Guacamole is great, as long as it's not too spicy.

Guacamole dip consists of mashed avocados, chili peppers, and sometimes tomatoes and other vegetables. But if you overdo the peppers, it can become unpleasant to eat. If you have made a fresh batch of guacamole and accidentally made it a bit too spicy, it is possible to de-spice the guacamole dip. By simply adding a few more ingredients to the overly spicy guacamole that you have already prepared, you can drastically reduce the burn caused by the spicy dip.


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Step 1

Mash additional avocados and mix them into the guacamole you prepared earlier. This will spread the spice across more avocados and lower the overall spiciness.

Step 2

Add a dairy component. The fats in dairy lessen the impact of hot chilis, so try folding in cream cheese, sour cream, or topping it with shredded cheese.


Step 3

Juice a lime and fold it into the guacamole. Citrus provides a good counterpoint to spicy food, and the citric acid will also prevent the guacamole from browning.