Do I Need to Treat My Ugg Boots Before Wearing Them in Snow?

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UGG boots are made from sheepskin and have a fleece inner lining for both warmth and comfort. Treating your boots before wearing them is important to prevent water damage. Use UGG products to treat your UGG boots for the best result. UGG also recommends that you clean your boots before using the repellant for the best protection.



UGG boots have been worn since the early 1930s but it was in the '60s and '70s that the boots made a substantial rise in popularity. New Zealand and Australian surfers found the boots were perfect for slipping on after coming in from the beach. Today, many people enjoy wearing UGG boots due to their comfort and warmth.


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UGG is a trademark brand in the United States and to insure that your boots won't be damaged by rain or snow, stick to the official brand when buying boots. Off-brand replications may be cheaper but you won't be able to protect them and the boots will need to be worn indoors only. UGG offers a care kit which includes cleaning and repellant products for you to use on your boots. The care kit is designed specifically for UGG boots.



Clean your boots before using the water repellant. The cleaning process gets rid of any loose dirt or hairs so that the repellant can stick to your boots and work properly. Spray the boots with the cleaning product. You'll be able to see which parts of the boot are wet because the suede's color changes. Don't soak the boots but do allow them to get damp. The boots need to dry for about 24 hours away from a heater or sunlight to prevent damage. When drying the boots after spraying them with the cleaner, stuff a hand towel in each boot to maintain its shape.



Brush the boots after cleaning them and again after treating them with the protector. A brush should be included in your care kit but you can also purchase a suede brush. A proper suede brush has very soft bristles. When brushing, work gently in the same direction. This raises the nap, a component of the suede, so your boots look fresh and new.



After cleaning and brushing, spray the outside of the boots with the waterproof protector. The protector, or repellant as it is labeled, should come with your UGG care kit. Follow the same process as the cleaning but use the repellant more lightly than the cleaning spray. The boots should only take a few hours to dry with the repellant spray. Once you've cleaned, protected and brushed your boots, they are ready to be worn in the snow.



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