Outer Space Themed Party Games

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Games like Splashdown and Rocket Balloon Races work best in a backyard.

In addition to being the final frontier, space makes a great party theme for children and adults alike. Like many birthday party games, these space-themed games are geared toward kids ages 4 to 12. (Grown-ups would have fun playing some of them, too.) All of the games can be played indoors, but Splashdown and the Rocket Balloon Races would benefit from a little more space -- such as a small to medium-size backyard.


Moon Walk and Freeze

Play music for your party guests -- maybe Meco's disco version of the "Star Wars" theme. Dancers can moon walk or electric slide until the music stops. Anyone who is is still moving after the music stops is out of the game. The contest continues until only one person is left. Present the winner with a "Moon Walker of the Year" certificate.


Video of the Day


Before the party, buy a bag of rocket ships or spacemen from a novelty store and decorate a bucket with blue tissue paper and sea creatures. During the party, line your guests up single file behind a starting line. Give each player four rocket ships or spacemen. Place the ocean bucket five to six feet from the starting line. (Bring the bucket closer for younger children.) Each player must toss his toys into the bucket for it to safely splash down. Award a prize to the first person to splash down all four rockets or spacemen.


Rocket Balloon Races

Have your guests line up along a starting line. Mark a finish line four to five feet away. Give each racer a balloon. Staying behind the starting line, the racers must blow up and release their balloons. The first balloon to cross the starting line wins. You can have several heats of this race before declaring a winner.


Moon Rock Hide and Seek

Gather 20 to 25 rocks from your backyard before the party. Spray each rock with two coats of glow-in-dark spray paint and allow to dry. Hide the rocks in the designated party area before your guests arrive. During the party, turn off the lights and encourage the partygoers to find the glowing moon rocks. The rocks can be traded in for treats.



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