Homemade Koopa Troopa Costumes

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The turtlelike enemies from the Super Mario Bros. games, Koopa Troopas, have evolved as different versions of the Mario games, such as flying Koopa Troopas known as ParaTroopas. However, if you want to be a little more old school, you can be a green or red Koopa Troopa for Halloween by making your own homemade costume.



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Green or red Koopa Troopas can wear a yellow, long-sleeved top for your homemade Koopa Troopa costume. Your top can be a sweater, a crew-neck or v-neck shirt, a sweatshirt or a button-down shirt. Yellow gloves are work to completely cover the arms and hands.

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Close fitting yellow pants or yellow leggings can be worn for the bottom half of your Koopa Troopa costume whether you're a green or red one. Pants such as sweatpants or twill pants can be worn. However, pants fit loosely, so it's best to wear a pair of yellow leggings instead so that your costume looks closer to what an actual Koopa Troopa looks like. Alternately, a pair of opaque yellow tights can also be worn.



The Koopa Troopa's shell is probably the most challenging part of the costume. The shell can be made by cutting a large piece of green or red fabric, such as jersey, and sew it onto a large white felt oval. The size of the oval depends on the size that you want the shell to be. The green fabric is sewn around the white felt and stuffed with paper or packing peanuts. A yellow felt tail is sewn onto the shell and a beige T-shirt is sewed onto the white felt. This turtle suit is worn over the yellow top.



A pair of chunky, green or red shoes can be worn to complete the look of your Koopa Troopa costume. Wearing a pair of chunky, low-cut green or red boots, such as a pair of rubber rain boots, would compliment the costume best. However, if you can't find a pair of green boots, a pair of green or red sneakers can be worn.


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