How to Tie-Dye a Baseball Cap

Give your baseball cap a bold and bright pattern with this easy tie-dye technique. By simply binding the twisted fabric with rubber bands or string, the applied dye creates a marbled effect that can transform any piece of clothing to a tie-dyed masterpiece.

How to tie-dye a baseball cap. (Image: Angie Diersman)

Things You'll Need

  • Fabric dye

  • White baseball cap

  • Drop cloth

  • Plastic gloves

  • Ziplock bag

  • Sponge brush

  • Rubber bands or string

  • Paper towels


There are many choices when it comes to fabric dye, from individual colors to complete tie-dye kits. A kit usually includes plastic gloves and rubber bands, which is great to get you started. If you’re using a single powder dye, mix it in a plastic squeeze bottle so you can have the most control when applying each color.

Supplies to make a tie-dye hat. (Image: Angie Diersman)

Wrap Rubber Bands Around Hat

Wrap 3-4 rubber bands around the hat in different spots to create sections. If you would like to see blocked color when it's finished (red and blue hat example), wrap the rubber bands as tight as possible. This will keep the dyes from blending together. If you want the colors to blend together (green and blue hat example), wrap the rubber bands tightly, but with a little more slack.

Wrap rubber bands or string around hat to create sections. (Image: Angie Diersman)
Wrap rubber bands or string around hat to create sections. (Image: Angie Diersman)

Mix Dye

Put on your gloves and mix the dye according to the directions. Most instructions will have you add water and shake until the powder has dissolved.

Mix dye until powder has dissolved. (Image: Angie Diersman)

Apply Dye to First Section

Apply your first color of dye to the first section. Use just enough dye to cover the white and try not to oversaturate.

Apply your first color of dye to the first section. (Image: Angie Diersman)

Apply Dye to Second Section

Apply your second color to the second section. It's normal for some of the dye to seep under the rubber bands.

Apply your second color of dye to the second section. (Image: Angie Diersman)

Smooth Dye with Foam Brush

For the bill of the hat, apply the dye and then use a foam brush to spread and smooth it out. Because it's a hard surface, the dye will run off the hat and not soak up as easily.

Spread and smooth out the dye with a foam brush. (Image: Angie Diersman)

Let the Dye Rest

Once your hat is finished, put it in a ziplock bag and let it rest for 6-8 hours. This will allow the dye to set into the fabric.

Put hat in ziplock bag to rest for 6-8 hours. (Image: Angie Diersman)

Rinse Hat and Cut Bands Off

Take the hat out of the bag and rinse off any excess dye until the water runs clear. Then, cut the rubber bands off.

Rince hat until water runs clear and cut rubber bands off. (Image: Angie Diersman)

Hang to Dry

Hang to dry. Some of the dye will drip off when wet so hang outside or someplace safe.

Hang until hat is completely dry. (Image: Angie Diersman)


Wash tie-dyed items separately the first time to avoid having the colors bleed onto other items of clothing.