How to Care for Polished Nickel

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Things You'll Need

  • Clean, soft cloth

  • 1 tbsp unscented soap

  • Warm water

Remove water stains from nickel.

Caring for polished nickel is a wise way to keep faucets and other plated materials looking brand-new. The trick to successfully caring for nickel is to avoid scratching the surface at all costs. Polished nickel -- while bright and shiny -- is dangerously prone to scratching. Certain chemicals will also eat into and deteriorate nickel. Using cleaning tools and products that are especially safe for nickel is your best bet to maintaining that "brand new" look.


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Step 1

Find a clean and soft rag. Choose an unwrinkled, cotton cloth or soft sponge, if possible. Avoid any hard materials, such as steel wool, to prevent scratching.

Step 2

Apply 1 tbsp. unscented soap to the cloth. Select liquid dish or hand soap, if possible. Keep away from scented, acid or ammonia-based soaps to avoid leaving behind additives and depreciating nickel. Use a soft liquid cleaner, such as Barkeeper's Friend, Zud or Soft Scrub -- which do not contain acid or ammonia -- for cleaning sink and shower drain covers. Follow product label directions.


Step 3

Dampen the cloth with fresh, warm water. Apply the cloth with medium pressure. Rub in small, concentrated circles to remove grime. Rise nickel clean with warm water and dry with a soft cloth immediately.


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