How to Sew Marine Grade Vinyl

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Marine grade vinyl can be thick and difficult to run through a sewing machine. Due to its UV resistance and waterproof capabilities, marine grade vinyl is a great fabric for outdoor covers and boat cushions. There are several ways to make your sewing a little easier.

Things You'll Need

  • Marine grade vinyl
  • Leather needle
  • Teflon sewing foot
  • Straight pins
  • Tissue paper
  • Upholstery thread

Video of the Day

Purchase a needle for your sewing machine meant for sewing leather. This thicker needle will go through the thick fabric without breaking.

Purchase a Teflon-plated foot for your sewing machine. This will help the vinyl to glide through the machine on the top without resistance.

Pin tissue paper to the bottom of the vinyl to avoid resistance from the sewing machine.

Use upholstery grade thread. Thicker thread will give the project more strength.

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