How to Tie a Rope on a Box

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Things You'll Need

  • Rope

  • Scissors

Use the same rope tying technique for storage and decorative boxes.

When we think of tying boxes, images of Christmas and birthday gifts come to mind. While undoubtedly true, there are many other applications for tying a rope around a box. Most notably, this includes tying storage boxes in your storage area to prevent dust or rodents from gaining access to the items inside. As you can see, learning the basic technique to tie a rope around a box has both a practical and a more festive application. It's a good skill to have either way.


Step 1

Unravel the rope and create a small loop at the end. Make sure the loop is at least 4 inches.

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Step 2

Hold the loop with your left hand to secure the ends and hold the other end of the loop with your right hand. Next, tie the loop in a simple knot. This secures the loop and relieves the need to hold the end. The knot holds the loop in place. Now the end of your rope should have a loop, similar to a lasso.

Step 3

Hold the box right-side up and hold the loop at the center. Next, bring the rope around the side of the box. Run the rope through the loop when you make it back over the box. Pull the string and center it.

Step 4

Hold the string where it meets the loop and wrap the box in the other direction. This creates a 90 degree intersection of the rope at both the top and the bottom of the box. Stop when you reach the loop at the top of the box again.


Step 5

Pull the string through the loop one last time and pull the string tight. Create a bow knot at the top. The box is now secured. Cut away any excess rope with scissors if necessary.


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