How to Make Metallic Colored Font

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Things You'll Need

  • Graphic-editing software program

  • Photo-editing software program (optional)

  • Personal computer

  • Printer

Toggle the blending options to create different metallic font versions.

Graphic- and photo-editing software programs are used to make metallic-colored fonts. Although the paper surface will not print a painted metallic texture, it will give the illusion of a metallic coating. The layering tool feature as well as the gradient editor is used to adjust the blending options. Each area is adjusted to a specific scale for light, smoothness, opacity and color percentages. The adjustments referred to as toggle change the intensity of the metallic effect, color tones as well as the metallic color hue scheme to fit into the selected font type.


Step 1

Set your background with a white color background. Open your color palette box and click on the #ffffff button to ensure you have selected white. Graphic- and photo-editing software programs are different. Color codes generally vary.

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Step 2

Choose font letter type as well as height point scale, and type in the word or saying for the metallic effect. Save your work in a separate computer file for reference.

Step 3

Open your tool bar windows, scroll to your program's layering tool, and click to open it. The layers window will appear with your drawing layers separated by color, effect and background layers.

Step 4

Open the gradient overlay scale tool by clicking on the icon in your drawing tools. The gradient bar will most likely appear in your toolbar. You will also see an edit button next to the bar. Click on the edit button, and the gradient editor window will open.


Bear in mind that each program varies and tools are often positioned next to, above or below the gradient bar.

Step 5

Select the preset metal color in the gradient editor. You will most likely have to click on the "More" or "Options" button in the gradient editor, which will open a drop down menu. Generally there are several metal options to select from that usually are referred to as brass, gold, silver, steel bar, and steel blue.


Step 6

Click on the metallic color you desire for your font, such as silver. The gradient scale in your gradient editor window will appear in silver tones. The gradient scale will have tool bars referred to as smooth, opacity and color stops, which generally appear as sliding scales. The opacity stop generally has two percentage keys, and the color stop has five percentage keys. Altering the percentages will produce the intensity color tone in your metallic font.


Step 7

Click on the smooth bar, and adjust it to 75 percent.

Step 8

Drag the opacity stop key until it reaches 25 percent. The number percentage will appear in the gradient editor screen in the opacity slot.



Step 9

Drag the remaining opacity stop key until it reaches 75 percent. The number will appear in the opacity location slot.

Step 10

Leave the first color stop at zero percent. Drag the second color stop until it reaches 25 percent. The numbers will appear in the color slot.


Step 11

Drag the third color stop to 50 percent. It will most likely be centered on the gradient bar. Drag the fourth color stop until it reaches 75 percent. The last color stop will remain at 100 percent.

Step 12

Click on your layering tool window, which was opened in Step 3. The gradient metallic color icon will appear in the layering tool. The gradient editor window will most likely close depending on your software program's default settings. The icon will appear in your layering window.


Step 13

Click on your layering tool's opacity button. Drag the bar until it reaches 75 percent. Your font screen will begin to change colors according to the opacity level percentage. Adjust the percentage until you reach your desired metallic color tone.

Step 14

Click on the gradient bar in your layering tool window. Your adjusted metallic fill icon will appear. As an option, save the metallic color in your software program for future projects.

Step 15

Click on the adjusted metallic fill icon. The font will be filled with the metallic effect. As an option, print your metallic font for your project in a high resolution.


Toggle the blending option percentages until you achieve your desired metallic tone for your fonts, and create different metallic shades for other projects.


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