DIY Vampire Cape

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Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure

  • Black sheet

  • Washable fabric pens

  • Yard stick

  • Scissors

  • Sewing machine or hand needle and thread

  • Ribbon

  • Iron (optional)

  • Second sheet or piece of material (optional)

Take a thrifty approach to Halloween by making your own vampire cape and outfit.

Instead of spending money on a cheaply made vampire cape that will not withstand excessive play or wear and tear, try making your own with a few basic sewing tools and a black sheet. You may use either satin or cotton sheets, depending on your preferences and which type of sheet best complements the rest of the vampire costume. Do not be intimidated by this sewing project; only minimal sewing experience is necessary.


Step 1

Measure the person who will be wearing the cape to determine the size of fabric necessary for the completed cape. Have the person stand with their arms outstretched and measure the distance between each wrist. Determine the length of the cape by measuring from the base of the neck to the knees, mid-calf or ankles, depending on the length desired.

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Step 2

Lay the sheet on a flat surface for cutting. Mark the distance between the wrists on the top edge of the sheet with a washable fabric pen. Center the measurement to allow for tapering outwards as you cut out the cape.

Step 3

Measure down from the center of the measurement to the intended length of the cape and draw a line at this location, parallel to the wrist line. Extend the line to measure 4 feet longer than the wrist measurement to create a pyramid-like shape. Center the bottom line with the top line.


Step 4

Draw cutting lines that extend between the edges of the top cutting line down to the edges of the bottom cutting line. Use a yard stick to keep the lines straight.

Step 5

Cut the cape fabric out using the guidelines on the sheet. Cut slowly with sharp scissors to prevent the material from fraying.


Step 6

Sew a seam around the perimeter of the cut material to prevent future fraying. To sew a seam, fold 1/2 inch of material back on itself and stitch a seam around the edge of the fabric to hold the folded material in place.

Step 7

Sew a length of ribbon onto each side of the cape, 6 inches down from the top edge of the cape. Use sections of ribbon measuring at least 10 inches. The excess material above the ribbon can be folded over when you put the cape on to create lapels.


Remove all wrinkles from the fabric before cutting to ensure you achieve the measurements and straight, solid edges required. Stitch a colored section of material to the cut cape to make the interior of the cape a different color than the exterior.


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