How to Make a Lasso for Children

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This lasso is great for kids!

Cowboys and Indians has been a popular children's game for decades, but as time moves on, fewer and fewer kids go outside and play. This lasso can be a great way to get your kids to turn off the TV and run around outside. Use it as a game for birthday parties, teach your kids about eye-hand coordination or just get them ready for the real thing. This lasso is simple and small enough for your little cowpoke.


Step 1

Tie an overhand knot at one end of rope. To tie an overhand knot, make a loop with your rope and pull the end of rope through the loop. Make sure it is tight and secure.

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Step 2

Make another overhand knot below the first one, but keep it loose and open.


Step 3

Take the knotted end and bring it around and back through the loop. Imagine as if you are tying a normal overhand knot, but you are looping it twice before you tighten the knot. Keep it loose.

Step 4

Take hold of the second loop around from the above overhand knot and pull the remaining length of rope taut. You should be left with a small loop.

Step 5

Take the other end of rope and thread it through the loop you just made and you have your lasso.



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