How to Make A Latex Catsuit Costume for Halloween (DIY)

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A Catwoman costume is a popular Halloween costume and a great costume for cosplay events. While it is possible to order a black latex catsuit costume online, it may be difficult to find latex clothing that is made to measure and that takes body type and sizes into account.

Making your own latex bodysuit with this tutorial can be a bit messy, but the result is an eye-catching costume that literally fits you like a second skin. All of the items needed to make this costume can be ordered on the internet through a simple web search, or you may be able to find the materials needed at local shops depending on your area.


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Things You'll Need

  • Faux black fur

  • Scissors

  • Cat ears headband

  • Black boots or high heels

  • Craft glue

  • Long, thin pieces of cardboard

  • Black spandex material, roughly 1 foot

  • Drop cloth

  • Plastic wrap

  • Zippered unitard (any color but black)

  • Several 2-inch polyfoam brushes (at least four and possibly up to six depending on body type)

  • 1 quart liquid latex

  • Someone to help with the latex painting

  • Small hair dryer

  • Silicone lubricant

  • Black thread and needle (optional)

  • Long black gloves

  • Body powder

Make The Catsuit Accessories

1. Create the ears

Cut small, triangular pieces of fur for the cat ears. Often, cat ears bought at a costume store will have a lot of extra material added. Depending on the look you are going for, you will need to trim the size of the ears. Glue the fur to the back of the ears. Set the headband aside to dry.


Cut two 2-inch strips of fur that are long enough to go around the top of your boots. Glue them to the top of the boots. This is just for effect, so if you do not wish to glue anything to your favorite pair of boots, this step can be eliminated.

2. Make a DIY cat tail

Glue the cardboard together until it is the desired length for the tail. You might have to cut the ends or fold over the cardboard to get the desired thickness. Set it aside so that it dries completely.


Once dried, glue the spandex to the cardboard, folding over the ends so that they are not visible. This will later be covered with latex, so it doesn't have to look perfect. The size of the tail depends on how tall you are. The tail should end at around the back of your calves or ankles.


Create the Catsuit

1. Wrap your body in plastic

Spread out a drop cloth and stand in the middle. Use plastic wrap to cover your torso and stomach. Liquid latex will go through the unitard, so the more you cover your body with plastic wrap, the less pain you will have when you take off the costume.


2. Put on the unitard

Put on the spandex unitard. It will feel a little odd depending on how much plastic you have wrapped around yourself. Don't use a swimsuit or leotard, which won't fully cover your legs and may be sleeveless. Don't use a jumpsuit, which may not be form-fitted enough to make the costume.



Mark a circle for where the tail will be attached. Do not paint this part of the unitard. Be sure not to paint over the teeth of the zipper.

3. Cover the unitard with liquid latex rubber

Paint the unitard with the latex. You will have to stay still while the latex is being painted on so that it doesn't bubble up. This step will be done by your helper. Be sure to have your helper use even strokes to paint the unitard with the latex. Once the latex begins to harden, you will have to use a new brush. It is almost impossible to rinse the brush once the latex hardens.


4. Allow the latex to dry

Wait for the first coat to dry completely. It will be hard to the touch when it has dried. It will also stick to everything, so be sure not to move or you will rip the latex and have to start over.


This process can take up to 45 minutes depending on the amount of latex used. If you use a hair dryer, be sure that it is on the cold air setting. Use it far enough away from your body so that it doesn't cause the latex to bubble up.

Finish making the bodysuit

1. Add an additional layer of latex

Apply a second layer of latex. After the second layer has fully dried, apply the silicone lubricant to the latex. This is what makes it shiny. It also allows you to remove the bodysuit without sticking to another part, so be sure that the lubricant is spread over the entire outfit.

The finished latex bodysuit is fairly stretchy, but you must still take care with the garment because it will tear easily if it is punctured.

2. Remove the latex bodysuit

Remove the unitard. The latex will not interfere with the zipper. If it seems more difficult to unzip than it should, apply more lubricant. The latex should come off easily on the parts that had plastic wrap, but if there were bits of your skin that did not have the plastic covering it, the latex will stick and pull. Just be patient and careful.


Complete the Catsuit Costume

1. Apply the final touches

Place the suit on the drop cloth and touch up any areas that need it. You will have to be careful when hiding the zipper. Use the hair dryer on the layer of lubricant so that it is less awkward to work with. When it dries, it will have a patent-leather look.

2. Finish the costume accessories

Paint the tail with the latex, leaving both ends free. Allow it to dry. Apply the lubricant and allow it to dry again.

Glue the tail to the catsuit. Most craft glues will have no issues adhering to spandex material, but you might have to double-check the manufacturer label to be sure. If you feel that the glue will hold (you can tell with a sharp tug or two), then apply more of the faux black fur to the area to hide the glue as well as to the end of the tail for a more realistic look.

Stitch the tail to the part of the unitard without latex for added strength. If you are not an accomplished tailor, you can always hide the stitches with the faux black fur. Apply the latex to the gloves and boots if desired. A thin layer should suffice.


Use body powder sprinkled liberally over your entire body before putting on the finished catsuit. It tends to squeak when you sweat.



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