How to Fix a Hoodie String

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Things You'll Need

  • Sturdy wire several feet long, or metal coat hanger

  • Wire cutters

  • Pliers

  • Masking tape

The string on a hoodie may seem to have a mind of its own, working its way deep inside its fabric sheath on one end, hanging low on the other, or coming out of the hood entirely. Fishing that hoodie string back through the hood to where it belongs may cause frustration and even a desire to get rid of the string entirely. A homemade tool makes string-fishing a simple process that takes only seconds, rather than spending a great deal of time trying fix the string without tools.


Step 1

Cut a length of sturdy wire long enough to travel all the way through the hole where the string belongs, using wire cutters. A metal coat hanger may be used in place of wire; unwrap the wire where it twists around the neck of the hanger using pliers, then use the pliers to straighten the wire as much as possible to remove twists and kinks,


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Step 2

Bend one end of the wire down 1/2 inch, creating a small, narrow hook to hold the hoodie string.


Step 3

Remove the hoodie string completely from the hoodie, if it is still intact. Untie the knot at one end if the knot is thick. If the knot is only slightly wider than the string, it can be left intact.


Step 4

Place the knot-free end of the hoodie string in the wire hook so it sticks out about an inch through the hook. Squeeze the wire closed as much as possible with the pliers. Wrap masking tape around the hook and string to keep the string in place.


Step 5

Push the hooked, taped end of the wire-and-string contraption through the channel in the hoodie where the string belongs until it exits the other side.



Step 6

Remove the tape from the wire and string and open the hook with pliers so the string separates from the wire. Hold onto the previously hooked end of the string and pull the wire back out of the string channel in the opposite direction. The string should be sticking out of both ends of the hood.


Step 7

Tie a large knot near each end of the hoodie string so the string does not travel back into or out of the hood.


This same method can be used on other drawstring items, such as the waistbands on pants or shorts.

Alternatively, use a large safety pin instead of the wire to work the string back into the hood along its channel.

Check your hoodie strings before washing the hoodie each time to ensure the string is knotted at each end.

You can also buy commercial products that work in the same way as the wire method.


Wear eye protection when working with stiff wire to avoid potential injury.


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