How to Bind Off Purlwise

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Things You'll Need

  • Yarn

  • Knitting needles

Bind off a purl row by crossing purl stitches over one another.

The bind off is the last step of a knitting project. When you have knitted and purled all the rows of your piece, you must close off the stitches as you pull the needles out. Stitches that have not been bound off are referred to as "live" stitches, and they can still come unraveled. Binding off closes the final row so that your knitting can no longer unravel. While most projects call for binding off on a knit row, you can also bind off on a purl row.


Step 1

Purl the first two stitches in the row so that they are on your right needle.

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Step 2

Insert your left needle through the front of the first stitch you purled, from left to right.

Step 3

Lift the first purled stitch over the second purled stitch and off your right needle.


Step 4

Purl the third stitch in the row, moving it from the left needle to the right.

Step 5

Insert your left needle into the second stitch you purled, from left to right, and lift it over the third stitch and off the right needle.


Step 6

Continue down the row in this manner until only one stitch remains on your right needle.

Step 7

Cut your working yarn. Remove the needle from the last stitch and pull the yarn tail through the stitch to form a knot and end the bind off.


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