How to Make a Lumberjack Costume

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Lumberjacks are strong, rugged men who spend their days in the woods chopping down trees. This profession has become an iconic image represented in everything from cartoons to college mascots. Creating a lumberjack costume is easy, and many of the items may already exist in your closet.


Northern Arizona University, Stephen F. Austin State University, and Humboldt State University all have a Lumberjack as the school mascot.

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The Shirt

Lumberjacks are most associated with a bold, red and black plaid flannel shirt. This shirt should be rolled up to the forearms with the top button open. Some lumberjack images also show the shirt with short sleeves or sleeves that have been ripped off.


The Pants

You can't dress as a lumberjack without a pair of blue jeans. These jeans should be a straight leg fit and fitted through the waist.

The Boots

Lumberjacks need to navigate the woods without fear of stepping on anything that could harm them. As such, high-top black boots are a necessity. The straight legs of their jeans are often tucked into the tops of these boots with the excess material bunched up at the top of the boot.


The Hair

While lumberjacks can have any color of hair, they are typically not real close to a razor. Grow out a mustache and beard for an authentic look, or purchase a fake mustache and beard to go with your costume. And don't worry if your hair is messy -- you work all day in the woods remember.

The Accessories

Put the finishing touches on your lumberjack costume by paying attention to the little details. Suspenders and a black beanie are just what your costume needs. Carry a toy axe.


While a lumberjack costume is a common choice for men, it can also be an interesting costume for women as well.