How To Make Naruto Costumes

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How To Make Naruto Costumes

Naruto is a manga series about Naruto Uzumaki's attempts to gain recognition and one day become a Hokage, his village's strongest ninja, who serves as the leader. An anime series has also been released based on this manga. Making a Naruto costume is quite simple, requiring a little sewing and some very minor metal work. Most of the costumes use fairly easily found base garments with a few modifications and designs added on.


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Almost every character in Naruto has a costume that is largely based on relatively common clothing designs. They do require some modifications, but minor ones that need relatively little sewing skill. Almost all of them can be made by getting a good base garment and cutting or sewing a few pieces for the final details. Naruto's costume is an orange jumpsuit, which just needs a few pieces of blue or black fabric sewn in place. Sasuke's costume can be made from a red dress with a few cuts and by adding a zipper to the top and sewing on white edging and a circle.



The sandals used in Naruto are not a very common design. One method to get very similar looking footwear is by cutting the toe from a pair of boots. Depending on which version of the costume and character you're using, the boots may need to be spray painted a different color. Cheap boots without visible laces would be ideal. This will ruin the boots as particularly functional footwear, but they will more than last for the purpose of a costume.


The headband is basically a hitaiganemaki with a stylized design on one plate. A thin piece of steel sheet metal can be cut with relatively inexpensive tin shears to make this piece realistically. The edges of the plate should be sanded to remove any sharp edges. The design can be painted on. The plate can be pop riveted in place through holes drilled in each corner of the plate.



Like many anime, many of the characters have unrealistic hair colors and styles. Depending on your own hair and the character, lots of styling gel and hair-coloring products may work just fine. Another option is to use a wig. With a wig, you can use products like spray paint and super glue to style it, since damaging your own hair is not a concern.


A large number of the character designs require some sort of wrapping. Ace bandages work quite well for these elements. Many of the characters have leg bands made in this fashion, and some have other areas wrapped up as well. The black band on some of these wrappings can be more easily done using electrical tape. This has the added benefit of helping secure the wrapping underneath, as well.


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