How to Use Ceramic Dishes Under the Broiler

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Things You'll Need

  • Ceramic dish

  • Cookie sheet

  • Oven mitts

Some recipes call for placing a lid on the dish before cooking.

Ceramic is one of the best cookware materials for withstanding high temperatures. You'll need a durable ceramic dish if you plan on broiling your casserole tops, since broiling focuses the oven's highest heat capacity at the top. In this method, foods are heated from the top down. The thicker the ceramic dish, the more thoroughly the heat will be distributed throughout the food. Broil with this tough dishware without burning yourself or breaking a valuable piece of your cookware.


Step 1

Move the top oven rack to approximately 3 to 4 inches from the heating element. If using a deep dish, adjust the distance to 5 to 6 inches from the heating element. Set the oven on the broil setting.

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Step 2

Wait for the oven to heat up properly. Slide the dish under the broiler. If the ceramic dish has no handles, slide it on a cookie sheet.

Step 3

Monitor the recipe by peeking through the oven window or opening the door slightly. Remove the ceramic dish from the oven once the top of the dish turns golden brown. Use oven mitts to pull the cookie sheet or lift the dish out by the handles.

Step 4

Place the hot dish on a trivet or the stove top to cool. Handle the ceramic dish carefully to avoid burning your skin.


Butter the inside of the casserole dish before baking or broiling. This will prevent foods from sticking.


Do not immerse a hot ceramic dish in water; this may cause the dish to break. Allow it to cool first.


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