How to Build an Animated Flying Witch

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Create an animated flying witch for an over-the-top Halloween display.
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Things You'll Need

  • Used motor from sewing machine or other small motor

  • 2-by-4 lumber

  • Drill

  • 3 bicycle rims

  • Bicycle gear

  • Bicycle chain

  • 3 carriage bolts

  • Screws

  • Metal or wood poles

  • Plumbers strapping

  • No-stretch fishing line

  • Lightweight witch prop

  • Fishing swivel eye

A realistic Halloween display isn't complete without a resident witch, especially if you can make her fly. Creating an animated flying witch prop to add to your display is a little bit of technological genius that almost anyone with some minor mechanical skills can garner. A simple motor and wheel mechanism can turn your favorite witch prop from boring to sky high, and your Halloween display will be the talk of the neighborhood.


The Flight Path for Your DIY Flying Witch

Design a loop course for the DIY flying witch to fly through your display. Choose an area that is clear of obstructions, where you can set up pole mounts for the guide wire.

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Prepare the Small Motor

Set the motor on a length of 2-by-4 lumber. Drill a hole where the arm of the motor will extend down with enough clearance to allow the arm to spin clearly.

Mount the Motor on the Lumber

Mount the motor to the 2-by-4 with plumbers strapping by bending it around the motor and 2-by-4 and screwing into place. Make sure it is tightly strapped so the motor does not wobble while your DIY witch is flying around.


Affix the Pulley Wheel to the Motor Arm

Attach the pulley wheel to the bottom of the motor arm below the 2-by-4.

Extend the Chain and Insert the Gear

Extend the bicycle chain on the gear to its full tension and insert the gear into the chain. Mark the center hole of the gear on the 2-by-4.

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Drill the Holes and Mount a Bike Rim

Drill a hole for the carriage bolt. Insert the bolt through the 2-by-4, and then mount one of the bicycle rims on the bolt.

Mount the Gear with the Chain

Below the rim, mount the gear with the chain tensioned on the gear. The chain will drive the gear and turn the bicycle rim, which will in turn move the guide wire with the witch to make her fly.


Cut the Wood for the Rims

Cut the remaining end of the 2-by-4 off. Cut 2 pieces of the extra 2-by-4 to mount the remaining 2 bicycle rims with the carriage bolts as you did the first one.

Mount the Rims on the Poles

Mount these to two of the poles with the plumbers strapping and screws, then place in the ground in the locations you plotted out.


Secure the Motor Assembly Onto the Pole

Secure the third pole into place and mount the motor assembly onto the pole. Stretch your fishing line tightly around the three bicycle rims. Attach the witch to the line with the fishing swivel eye.


Your Witch's Maiden Voyage

Turn the motor on, watch the witch fly around the course, and make any necessary adjustments to the DIY flying witch or to the course itself.



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