25 DIY Ghoulish Goodies and Terrifying Treats

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Carved apple "alien" in watermelon filled with red Jello
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There is no time quite like Halloween to create something creepily cute and dangerously delicious all at once. Get in touch with your DIY dark side and craft a batch of scary-good treats for a monstrous feast.

Pizza with fresh mozzarella and black olives
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Eyeball Pizza

A truly eye-catching but not-too-scary Halloween party dish younger kids will love.

Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse
Blobfish molded from chopped Spam
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Blobfish Pate

The blobfish is called the ugliest creature on Earth, but that's no reason not to invite it to the party. Whirl several teaspoons of olive oil with three cans of Spam in a food processor until the meat is smooth. Mold the pate into the basic blobfish shape. Use food coloring gel to define the lips and add black olives for the eyes. No need to bake -- Spam comes fully cooked.

Guacomole topped with a sour cream spider web
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Spider Web Dip

Trap your guests in a web of deliciousness with a basic seven-layer dip topped with a sour cream web. To make the thin lines of the web, place the sour cream into a plastic sandwich bag and snip off a small corner. Use a round dish to spin the perfect web as you draw three or four circles with the sour cream. Lightly drag a knife or toothpick out from the center across the lines of sour cream to give the web a more dramatic effect.

Jars filled with clear gelatin with gummy frogs floating inside
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Frogs in Formaldehyde

Straight out of a mad scientist's lab, these creepy gelatin shots are totally tasty.

Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse
Sugar cookies topped with candy eyeballs
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Eye-Popping Cookies

It only takes one wide-eyed wafer to give your guests the heebie jeebies. Top vanilla wafers with white chocolate, add irises (white chocolate with blue food coloring) and chocolate chip pupils. And don't forget the fine details: Dip a toothpick into a small amount of red food coloring and add the too-real blood veins.

A nose made from bread dough with nostrils filled with cheese and spinach fondue
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Snot Fondue

Delicious boogers served in a bread nose.

Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse
Beef jerky "scabs" served on a tray with bandaid garnish
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Fake Scabs You Can Eat

This freaky and festive dish will freak out your guests in the most delicious way.

Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse
Ice hand floating in punch bowl
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Five-Finger Punch

Nothing should be boring on Halloween, not even the ice in the punch bowl. Fill a clear plastic glove with water, tie the end with a rubber band and place it in the freezer. Give it shape before freezing by adding a small wad of paper towels underneath the glove, letting the fingers droop down slightly. Fingers that break off in the punch add to the creepy dynamic!

Beanie weenie frozen into popsicles
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Beanie Weenie Popsicles

Everybody's favorite campfire food, frozen into creepy treats.

Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse
Clear gelatin shots floated with grenadine and Bailey's.
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Brain Hemorrhage Shots

What do zombies drink after a fleshy meal? Brain hemorrhage shots, of course.

Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse
Skeleton shaped cheese ball
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Devilishly Handsome Head

Who doesn't love a good cheese skull? Oops...we mean spread. Line a skull mold, available at many crafts and Halloween pop-up stores, with plastic food wrap and fill it with your favorite spreadable cheese. Place the head on a bed of roasted red peppers, add black olives for eyes, and you have one delectable dish.

Lemon Jello shots in specimen cups
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Specimen Jello Shots

Try these lemony treats. Ull B Sorry if you miss them!

Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse
Small pumpkin with guacamole on one side and salsa on the other
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Puking Pumpkin

This poor pumpkin is spewing out some grotesquely simple guacamole and salsa for party-goers. The sight may cause sore eyes, but the delicious dips will leave your guests pleased.

Carved apple alien floating in watermelon filled with red jello
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Otherworldly Treat

Give your guests goosebumps with this eerie extraterrestrial fetus. Carve an alien head and body out of apples and place them in a hallowed-out watermelon, using toothpicks for support. Add jellybean eyes and pour in a red gelatin mix for the complete out-of-this-world effect.

Barbie doll standing in center of blood-splattered cake.
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They’re-All-Gonna-Laugh-at-You Cake

Cake is no laughing matter when you add a fashion doll and plenty of "blood" splatters a la Carrie. Place the doll in a simple homemade cake before you dress them both in fondant and icing. Use red food coloring for the signature blood. This super-sweet treat is sure to delight, gore and all.

Poached pears with faces made of cloves
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Panicked Poached Pears

Class up your Halloween spread with sophisticated (and a bit panicked) poached pears. Craft facial features with cloves and set them on a sweet bed of caramel. These are so ghoulishly good, your guests will make them vanish before your very eyes.

Demented clown cake with cotton candy hair
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Send in the Clowns

Impress your blood-and-gore-loving friends with this rundown clown. Mold crispy rice treats to roughly resemble a flattened face. Cover it with fondant and get creative. Stringy sours and cotton candy make the perfect guts and matted hair for this clown.

Rice, eggs and seaweed arranged in a Bento box
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Bento Monster

Mold a monstrously delicious masterpiece out of rice. Add quail egg eyes, seaweed hair, a roe tongue, red pepper lips and egg white teeth. Make a monster-size plate for a party, or pack a spooktacular surprise for lunch. Either way, it's frighteningly nutritious!

Food fit for zombies
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Zombie Platter

Bring the undead to life with a zombie platter: sausage puff eyeballs, spinach artichoke dip with hot dog worms, witch finger bread sticks, cauliflower brains, and fried rats…err...chicken.

Mini marshmallow Q-tips dipped in caramel candy
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Not-So-Clean Sweep Cotton Swabs

We know not to use cotton swabs in our ears, but no one said anything about using them in the kitchen. Stick small marshmallows on white sticks and swirl the marshmallow ends into sweet butterscotch for an icky earwax touch. For dramatic decor, place them in an old cotton swab box.

Cupcakes topped with bloody "glass" candy
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Killer Cupcakes

Dust off that cauldron and boil up some hard candy. Add blobs of red food coloring and shatter the candy into jagged pieces. Splatter icing-covered red velvet cupcakes with bright red food coloring and stab each with a shard of "glass."

Anatomical Jello heart
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Beating Heart

Add some dark romance this holiday with a sweet anatomically-correct heart. Up the ick factor by serving it on a bed of pureed strawberries. Stir plain Greek yogurt into red gelatin and pour into a flexible mold, available at many crafts and Halloween pop-up stores.

Brain and eyeball candies
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Eyeballs and Brains Galore

Kids brave enough to bite into these brains and eyeballs find a sweet surprise: chocolate sandwich cookies. Use candy, chocolate melts and inexpensive molds to make these.