How to Tie a Hobo Stick

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Learn how to tie a handkerchief to a hobo stick.

Make a hobo stick, also known as a "bindle stick" or a "wandering stick" for a prop for a hobo costume. Hobos in the old days needed something to carry their moonshine, harmonica and other essential belongings in, and back then they didn't have plastic bags. This prop is inexpensive to make and the things you need are either in your own backyard or in your home. Use a specific procedure to tie the handkerchief securely to the stick so you won't lose your stuff.


Step 1

Cut a 4-foot long, straight, 2-inch thick stick outside and remove the bark. Smooth it down with a piece of sandpaper so you won't get splinters while carrying your hobo stick.

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Step 2

Place a handkerchief on the ground or other flat surface and smooth it out. Arrange a few of your essential belongings in the middle of the handkerchief.

Step 3

Pick up two corners of the handkerchief that are diagonal from each other, tie them together and pull the ends of the knot to tighten it. Position the stick over the first knot, about 6 inches away from the end.

Step 4

Bring the other two corners that are diagonal from each other and grab the ends of the first knot with them. Tie the corners tightly to the stick to close the bag and fasten it to the stick. Tie another knot to make it more secure.

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