How to Cool Down a Room Naturally

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Things You'll Need

  • Shades and curtains

  • Ceiling fan

  • 2 box fans

Stay cool with fans.

The combination of heat and humidity makes people feel uncomfortable during the summer months. Keep your home comfortable when the temperature rises by cooling down a room naturally. When you use natural cooling methods instead of an air conditioner, you save money and reduce greenhouse emissions in the environment. Creative methods and attention to details throughout the daytime and nighttime hours allow you to naturally stay comfortable in your home.


Step 1

Close windows on warm and hot days to keep the warmest air of the day out of the room. Make sure you close the windows in the morning before the heat of the day develops.

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Step 2

Pull shades all the way down and close curtains to keep sunlight out of the room.


Step 3

Use a ceiling fan with the blades set to rotate counterclockwise. Keep the ceiling fan on while you use the room and turn the ceiling fan off when you leave the room. Leaving a ceiling fan on continually does not help cool the room -- use it only for your comfort while you are in the room.


Step 4

Keep lights off to reduce interior temperatures, especially incandescent lightbulbs. Avoid using appliances that will increase the air temperature in the room.

Step 5

Open windows in the evening after the heat of the day passes. If there is a breeze, open two windows across from each other to create cross ventilation through the room.


Step 6

Place a box fan into an open window with the fan blowing in to pull cooler air into the room. Open interior doors to enable the air to flow through the room and other rooms in the home. Place a second box fan in another window with the fan blowing air out of the house to create natural thermosiphoning throughout the house. This is especially effective if you pull air in through a first-floor window and force air out through a second-floor window.


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