Instructions for Winding a Bobbin on a Singer Creative Touch 1036 Sewing Machine

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In the 1970s, Singer produced several models of sewing machines that included new features which allowed the bobbin to be filled while still in the bobbin casing. Ultimately, this method of winding the bobbin was abandoned. If you find yourself in ownership of one of these sewing machines, don't fret: The bobbin can be wound without much hassle.


Filling the bobbin on a Singer Creative Touch machine is slightly different than usual.

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Things You'll Need

  • Sewing Thread

  • Singer Creative Touch 1036 Sewing Machine

  • Empty Bobbin

  • Scissors

Step 1

Raise the feed dogs as high as they can go by turning the hand wheel counter-clockwise towards you.

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Step 2

Raise the presser foot up to the highest position.

Step 3

Open the face plate to gain access to the empty bobbin.

Step 4

Adjust the stitch pattern for straight stitch, ensuring that the pattern selector knob locks in place by turning the hand wheel slightly towards you.


Step 5

Move the bobbin latch to the winding position, on your right-hand side.

Step 6

Thread the needle, if it is not already threaded, and bring the thread between the gap in the presser foot and then to the back of the sewing machine.


Step 7

Wrap the thread around the "thread retainer" so that the tail of the thread hangs down towards the back of the machine.

Step 8

Begin the sewing machine by using the electric foot petal. Continue to run the machine until the bobbin is fully wound. Cut the thread coming off the bobbin.

Step 9

Close the face plate, make sure the needle has remained threaded, and begin sewing.


These bobbin winding directions apply to several models of Singer sewing machines, including the Futura 900, Futura 925, Futura 920, Creative Touch 1030 and Creative Touch 1036 sewing machines.



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