How to Hang Ornaments With Ribbon

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Using colorful ribbons as ornament hangers is one way to jazz up your Christmas ornaments for the holiday season. Ribbon pairs well with any color scheme you choose for your Christmas decorations, such as using only red ribbon bows to hang ornaments on the Christmas tree.

The ribbon also looks nice when hanging ornaments on other Christmas home decor items, such as wreaths or greenery. In most cases, hanging ornaments with ribbon involves making a loop through the hole in the ornament, using whatever length of ribbon you choose based on your holiday home decor.


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Choose pieces of ribbon

The size and color of each piece of ribbon is up to you when it comes to hanging Christmas ornaments. For the standard ball ornaments hung on the average Christmas tree, use 6-inch to 8-inch pieces of thin satin ribbon to make each loop-style ornament hanger; this offers enough length to tie a knot in the end with enough room left over to show off a colorful splash of ribbon between the pine needles.

For oversized ornaments, use wide ribbon for each ribbon loop, and ribbon at least double the length of the height of each ornament. Don't use wired ribbon for ribbon loop ornament hangers, as the wire is a bit stiff and doesn't dangle properly.

Make the ribbon loops

For each ornament, push one end of the ribbon through the hole designed for the hanger. If this proves difficult, use a needle or even a wire ornament hanger to push the ribbon through the hole, then pull the ribbon halfway through until the ends are the same length. Tie the ribbon ends together to complete the loop.


For an optional added decorative touch before tying the ribbon ends together, push both ends through the opening of a festive bead in a coordinating color, then push the bead down to the top of the ornament before tying the ribbon loop.

Hang Christmas tree ornaments

Push the ribbon loops over the ends of the branches along the outer areas of the Christmas tree to hang the ones that are closest to the tips of the branches. If this proves difficult, depending upon your tree and the size of the ribbon loops, connect an old-fashioned wire hanger to the top of each ribbon loop, then use the wire to grab the tree branches.


The wire hangers are especially useful for reaching the inner areas of the tree. Floral wire is another option if you'd rather not use the old-style ornament hangers.

Hanging ornaments elsewhere

Christmas ornaments add a festive touch beyond the tree, too. Hang ornaments from a mantel by using ribbon loops in alternating lengths, such as 18-inch and 24-inch loops, and repeating the altered lengths across the evenly spaced ornaments. Use stick-on, removable hooks and bits of floral wire to attach the ribbon loops either to the bottom of a mantel with an overhang, or atop the mantel, hidden beneath some greenery such as pine roping.


Hang ornaments from the porch in a similar fashion, using plant hanger hooks already installed on the perimeter of the porch ceiling. Hang shorter lengths of ribbon loops from the porch railing using floral wire to secure the ribbon to the railing. This also works on balconies or even on low-hanging tree branches in the yard.