How to Cut Felt With a Cricut Expressions

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Things You'll Need

  • Cricut Expression machine

  • Felt sheet sized to fit in the machine

  • Bonding material such as Heat 'n Bond, cut to fit behind the felt

  • Cricut Expression Deep Cut Blade

  • Lint roller

Felt is used for a number of items including hats, shoes, toys and billiard tables.

The Cricut Expression is a personal die-cutting machine that can be programmed to cut patterns out of fabric. The machine itself is noted as an easy way to cut paper, foil, vinyl, foam and other materials into letters, numbers and a wide variety of shapes in sizes large enough for clothes and classrooms. Felt fabric can be difficult to cut by machine or by hand. Its fuzzy texture can clump and tear and its thinness can lead to ripping. With a little preparation, you can cut felt accurately using the Cricut Expression.


Step 1

Select a good-quality felt for cutting. It's possible to use a thinner, cheaper type of felt, but higher-quality felt has a better chance of cutting nicely.

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Step 2

Attach the bonding material to the felt. Iron it onto the back of the felt, making it stiff and thick enough to cut with the Cricut Expression machine.You may not need to add backing to stiffer types of felt.


Step 3

Set the felt and bonding onto the Cricut mat. Make sure the felt side is facing up and that the mat still has some stick to it so the material won't slide against the blade.

Step 4

Set the deep cut blade to 6 and the speed and pressure to the highest setting. If you prefer, lower the speed and pressure and set the multi-cut button to 2 to go over the same cut twice instead of making a harder single cut.


Step 5

Check the blade frequently between uses to make sure no material has built up on the blade.

Step 6

Pull the bonding away from the felt if possible. Be careful, as some materials, especially thinner felts, may tear. Leave the bonding there if you don't mind having a shiny backside to the felt.

Step 7

Use a lint roller to clean the Cricut mat.



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