How to Make a Vegeta Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Navy blue long-sleeved T-shirt

  • Yellow and white felt

  • Scissors

  • Glue gun

  • Navy blue pants

  • Hair gel

  • White boots

Vegeta is a fictional alien from the manga and anime series Dragon Ball.

Vegeta is one of the central characters from the Dragon Ball manga series as well as its anime adaptations, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. Vegeta is a prince of the Saiyans, an alien species with extraordinary abilities. First introduced as an antagonist to the main character Goku, Vegeta became a protagonist in some of the later episodes of the series. With tall spiky blond or black hair and a warrior suit, he makes for a visually impressive character and is a great subject for a Halloween costume.


Step 1

Cut a rectangle from the yellow felt that is a few inches smaller on all four of the sides than the chest of your navy blue long sleeve shirt. Cut out a white piece of felt a few inches narrower on the sides than the yellow piece and about half as high as the yellow felt.These two pieces of felt will be Vegeta's body armor.

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Step 2

Dab hot glue from the glue gun along the outer edges and across the center of the yellow felt. Press the felt onto the center of the front of the navy blue shirt. Dab hot glue on the back of the white felt and press it onto the middle of the yellow felt on the upper chest of the shirt. Leave the shirt lying flat for about 10 to 15 minutes until the glue cools and dries.


Step 3

Draw three evenly spaced black horizontal lines across the yellow felt breast plate so that it resembles Vegeta's breast plate armor.

Step 4

Put on the navy blue shirt, navy blue pants and white boots. Add gel to your hair and shape your hair into spikes. Vegeta sometimes appears with blond hair and sometimes with black hair. If you don't have blond or black hair, dye your hair either of these shades before gelling it, or buy a long spiky blond or black wig. Vegeta's hair is about a foot high and stands up in spikes.


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