How to Crochet Around Elastic

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Things You'll Need

  • Crochet hook

  • Yarn

  • Darning needle

Adding crochet stitches around an elastic band allows you to make hair scrunchies, waistbands and decorative doll clothing. If you can crochet into a ring, the same way you do when making granny squares, you can crochet around an elastic band. You can use a pre-made rubber band or ponytail band or you can sew the two ends of a piece of custom-cut elastic together and then crochet around them. A basic single crochet stitch is tall enough to work around a hair band, while you can use double or triple crochet for wider elastic.


Step 1

Create a slip knot by folding your yarn 3 inches from the end. Pinch the tail and the working yarn together with one hand and twist the loop above your fingers 180 degrees. Stick the thumb and index finger of the hand you used to twist the yarn through this loop, still holding the yarn pinched together with the other hand. Grab the working yarn and pull it through the loop. Hang this knot on the end of your hook.

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Step 2

Stick your hook into the middle of the elastic ring so that your slip knot is in front of the band and the tip of the hook is behind it.

Step 3

Bring your yarn around the end of your hook from left to right, wrapping the yarn over the top of the hook.


Step 4

Pull the hook under the elastic band so that your working yarn is behind the elastic and your hook, containing two loops, is in front of it.

Step 5

Wrap the yarn around your hook again, on the front side of the elastic, and pull the wrapped yarn through the two loops on your hook. One loop will be left and you will have made your first single crochet stitch.


Step 6

Work all the way around the elastic band by repeating the first five steps. Push each stitch up close to the previous one, packing your stitches densely so that you won't see the elastic when it stretches.

Step 7

Cut your yarn and thread it through the eye of a darning needle. Slip the needle underneath the front posts of your first three or four crochet stitches. Pull the yarn tight and slip the needle off the yarn. Snip off any remaining tail.


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