How to Make Dance Ribbons on a Stick for Dancing

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Things You'll Need

  • Dowel rod

  • Saw

  • Scissors

  • Satin ribbon

  • Electrical tape

Ribbon sticks are essentially handles with long strips of ribbon attached to the end. When the handle is swung, the ribbon trails through the air, following the loops and twirls of the handle. Ribbon sticks are used in both rhythmic gymnastics and in the traditional Chinese ribbon dance. While both of these events have regulation lengths for their ribbon sticks, making a ribbon stick at home to play with is a straightforward task that does not require many supplies.


Step 1

Cut a segment of dowel rod that is about 1 foot in length. The dowel should be 1 inch in diameter. This is your handle.

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Step 2

Use sharp scissors to cut a segment of satin ribbon that is 5 feet long. Choose ribbon that is 2 inches wide for a dramatic effect.


Step 3

Wrap one end of the ribbon around the tip of the dowel once.


Step 4

Secure the ribbon to the dowel using electrical tape.


Step 5

Tape the handle so that it is completely covered. Not only does this cover the join between the ribbon and the dowel, it also gives the handle a neat, finished look.


Experiment with various weights and length in the ribbon. Ribbons with different weights and lengths behave differently when they are swung.

Use hot glue or super glue to attach the ribbon to the dowel instead of the tape. This allows you to make the join more subtle, especially if you do not wish to wrap the handle in tape.


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