DIY Pull Down Closet Rods

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Things You'll Need

  • Pull-down closet rod kit

  • Clothing

  • Hanger

  • Drill

  • Tape measure

  • String

  • String level

  • Nail

  • Hammer

  • Screwdriver

Pull-down racks give you more closet space.
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A pull-down closet rod is an efficient way to add extra closet space and make your wardrobe more accessible. Install a pull-down rack on the top to keep shirts and blouses at eye level, and hang pants and skirts beneath them. Pull-down rods are also helpful for those with physical limitations, including the elderly and those who use wheelchairs.


Step 1

Select a closet for the pull-down rod. You will need two vertical side walls for the mounting brackets that are less than 30 inches wide. So if you wish to install the pull down rod in a wide, walk-in closet, use the front and back wall on the left or right sides. Otherwise, the weight when clothes are hung will be too much to run the full width.

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Step 2

Decide which items of clothing you will hang on the pull-down rod, such as pants, blouses or shirts. Go through your clothing and find the item that hangs the longest. Put the item on a hanger and hang it on the rod. Hold up the rod to determine the position for the closet so there will be enough clearance for your longest pieces of clothing.


Step 3

Mark the rod location on the wall with a pencil. Place the base bracket that will hold the rod next to your pencil mark so that the top of the opening for the rod is centered with your guide line. Take your pencil and draw in the screw holes on the wall.

Step 4

Drill a starter pilot hole for each screw hole on the left wall. Put the base bracket in position and insert a screw for one of the top holes. Use a screwdriver to attach the screw, three-quarters of the way. Tie a string around the base of the screw. You will use this as your guide to position the bracket on the right wall.


Step 5

Run a tape measure from the top screw on the left wall to the right wall. Mark a temporary spot on the right wall. Tap a nail into place on the right wall. Run the string from the top screw on the left to the nail on the right wall and tighten the string. Attach a string level to the string and check the level. Make adjustments in the nail position until it is level.


Step 6

Remove the nail and mark the spot with your pencil. Use this spot as your guide for the top screw hole for the base bracket for the right wall. Determine the screw holes on the wall as described in Steps 3 and 4 and drill starter pilot holes.

Step 7

Attach all screws for the base bracket on the left wall using your screwdriver. Insert the rod into the base bracket on the left wall. Put the bracket for the right side on the right end of the rod and raise it into position on the right wall, following your screw hole marks. Use a screwdriver to attach all remaining screws to the base brackets to complete your closet rod installation project.


Add a hook to a simple, wide dowel rod or convert a broom handle to make it even easier for those with physical accessibility issues and height limitations to use the pull-down rod.


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