How to Sew Ribbon on Fabric

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Things You'll Need

  • Hand-sewing needle

  • Thread

  • Pins

  • Chalk

Use double-faced satin ribbon for projects where both sides of the ribbon will show.

Sewing ribbon onto fabric is a way to enrich the style. Fabric ribbon of any kind can be used, including taffeta, grosgrain, satin, double-faced satin, or sheer mesh. Two pieces of ribbon can be tacked to the fabric to create ends that can be tied into a bow or a piece of ribbon can be sewn to fabric in a design to embellish the fabric. The ribbon can be stitched by hand or by machine for bigger projects.


Step 1

Fold the ribbon edge back 1/2 inch towards the wrong side of the ribbon.

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Step 2

Sew the folded piece to the ribbon 1/4 inch from the folded edge of the fabric using a running stitch. A running stitch is a stitch where the needle is inserted through the top of the fabric, then through the back about 1/4 inch away, parallel to the fabric edge.


Step 3

Use the chalk to mark where the ribbon is going on the fabric.

Step 4

Fold the ribbon edge another 1/2 inch inward, encasing the previous fold in the new fold.

Step 5

Stitch down the ribbon to the fabric at the fold edge and 3/8 inch from the fold line, stitching the folded piece down. You are making two rows of stitches.


Step 6

Repeat the steps with the other side of the fabric, and tie the ribbon edges together to form a bow.

Step 7

If you are making a design with ribbon, pin the ribbon in place on the fabric and stitch down the center of the ribbon, lengthwise to secure it to the fabric.



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