How to Make Your Own Queen Frostine Costume

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If you grew up playing the board game Candy Land, there's no doubt you know who Queen Frostine is. Queen Frostine is the icy counterpart to King Kandy, and together they rule Candy Land. On the gameboard, Queen Frostine wears a light blue gown and tiara and carries a staff decorated with snowflakes. Put together your own Queen Frostine costume with items at home and a few you may have to buy, depending on how elaborate you want the costume to be.


Snowflakes are part of Queen Frostine's costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Glitter

  • Hot Glue Gun

  • White Plastic Rod Or Dowel Painted White

  • Pink Lipstick

  • Snowflake Earrings And Necklace

  • White Or Blue Wig Or Glitter Hairspray

  • Blue Eyeshadow

  • Light Blue Gown Or Dress

  • Snowflake Decoration Or Ornament

  • White Apron

  • Crystals

  • Tiara

Step 1

Start with the dress you'll be wearing to be Queen Frostine. It should be a light, ice blue party dress or gown. Tie a white apron around your waist to create the white overlay on Queen Frostine's dress.


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Step 2

Create an icy hairdo with a white or blue wig, or spray your hair with white glitter hairspray, which you can find at a costume shop.

Step 3

Top the wig or hair off with a sparkly tiara. Queen Frostine's tiara has snowflakes on it, but any sparkly tiara will work.


Step 4

Make Queen Frostine's scepter. It is long and white with a snowflake at the top. Use a white plastic rod or a dowel painted white to make the scepter. Glue a snowflake decoration or Christmas ornament to the top with a hot glue gun. Add glitter and crystals.

Step 5

Apply frosty blue eyeshadow up to the brow, and wear pink, glittery lipstick or gloss.

Step 6

Accessorize the costume with sparkling snowflake earrings and a necklace.


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