How to Make an Apple Shine

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Things You'll Need

  • Soft cloth

  • Liquid or spray shellac or carnauba wax

  • Vinegar

  • Paper towel

Wax makes apples shiny and more attractive.

Apples produce their own natural wax to hold in moisture. Before selling apples, many fruit suppliers wash their fruit repeatedly to eliminate soil and any pesticides used. Suppliers apply shellac or carnauba wax to replace natural wax lost in the washing process. Wax helps apples retain moisture and freshness, and enhances the fruit's appearance. You can use wax at home to shine and enhance the appearance of apples.


Step 1

Buff the apple with a soft cloth to polish its existing wax. If the apple isn't shiny enough, use a spray wax.

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Step 2

Apply a few drops of shellac or carnauba wax onto a soft cloth and wipe your apple to produce a high-gloss shine.

Step 3

Wipe the apple with vinegar applied to a paper towel to remove the wax before consuming it. Shellac and carnauba wax are natural and safe for consumption, but some people don't like to eat wax.


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