What Kind of Apples Are Good for Apple Pies?

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Homemade apple pie on a wooden table with fresh apples on the side
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There's nothing more American than the aroma of a freshly baked apple pie wafting through the kitchen. The best apples to use in pies should be crisp and have a consistently that holds up during baking.


Tart Apples

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Fresh Granny Smith apples
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Granny Smiths are the most popular tart apple used in pies. Because these apples do not have much sweetness, you need to add a lot of sugar and spices to make a good pie. You also can use try Jonathan, Jonagold, Winesap and Pippin apples.

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Sweet Apples

An arrangement of Delicious apples
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For a sweeter pie, use Rome, Fuji, Pink Lady, Suncrisp and Empire apples. Red Delicious apples are a favorite for eating but their texture is not ideal for making pies.


Apple Preparation

Slice of apple pie
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The most time consuming part of making a pie is slicing the apples. If you slice the apples thinly, you'll get a dense pie with the crust resting on the apples. Thick sliced apples are best if you're making a domed pie. For interesting flavor and texture, use two or more types of apples in your filling.


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