How to Craft Butterfly Antenna Headbands

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Things You'll Need

  • Black craft headband

  • Black pipe cleaners

  • Tooth picks

  • Two foam balls

  • One block of foam

  • Black paint

  • Paint brush

  • White craft glue

A butterfly antenna headband is a simple craft.

Making butterfly antenna headbands is simply enough for school-aged children to do. The craft requires only a few supplies, which are not expensive. This craft is ideal to go along with making a butterfly costume, dressing up as a butterfly or learning about butterflies.


Step 1

Insert one toothpick into each of the foam balls. Stick the other end of each toothpick into a foam block.

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Step 2

Paint the foam balls completely black. Having the foam balls up on the toothpicks will allow you to paint them all at once instead of having to wait for one side to dry. Leave the foam balls on the toothpicks until the paint is completely dry, which should take 15 to 20 minutes.


Step 3

Wrap one end of one pipe cleaner around the top of a headband approximately three times. Repeat this with a second pipe cleaner. If you need to, slide the pipe cleaners across the top of the headband until they are where you want the antennas to be on the head.

Step 4

Spread white craft glue over the pipe cleaners on the underside of the headband. This will prevent the pipe cleaners from coming loose or getting caught in anyone's hair. Wait for the glue to completely dry. Although the drying time of white craft glue varies based on the temperature and humidity in the room, it should take approximately 20 to 30 minutes to dry.


Step 5

Take the foam balls off of the toothpicks. Insert the other end of the pipe cleaners into the hole created by the toothpicks in the foam balls. The foam balls should be suspended over the top of the headband.

Step 6

Take the foam balls off the pipe cleaners once you are happy with how they look. Squirt white craft glue into the holes in the foam balls, and reinsert the pipe cleaners into the holes. Let the headband sit for approximately 30 minutes until the glue is completely dry.


You may also choose to add glitter to the foam balls while the black paint is still wet.


Do not try to put the headband on until you are completely finished. You could mess up the antennas or get glue in your hair.


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