How to Make a Zombie Face With Tissue Paper

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Things You'll Need

  • Tissue paper

  • Craft glue

  • Brush

  • Cream makeup

Make a realistic zombie face with tissue paper and other simple materials.

If you want a simple yet scary costume for Halloween, you can dress up as a rotting, flesh-eating zombie. The things you need to put this costume together are simple and inexpensive. Special-effects artists in the film industry use liquid latex along with tissue paper to turn people into zombies, but there is a simple and safe alternative. Tissue paper allows you a lot of freedom in how your individual zombie face looks.


Step 1

Crinkle a sheet of white or light gray tissue paper in your hands to soften it. Rip it into six pieces that are each about five inches wide.

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Step 2

Dip a soft, broad-bristled brush into some clear-drying, non-toxic craft glue. Brush it thickly on your cheeks and glue a piece of the tissue paper to both of your cheeks. Brush a thinner layer of glue on top of the tissue paper and place a second piece on each cheek. Brush another thin layer on top and move your facial muscles and jaw to wrinkle the tissue.

Step 3

Shield your eyes with one hand and brush some of the craft glue across your forehead. Stick another piece of tissue on your forehead and brush a thin layer on top of it. Lift your eyebrows up and down to wrinkle the tissue paper and allow it to move with your facial movements. Wait about 30 minutes or until the glue is dry.


Step 4

Mix some light beige and gray cream makeup together with some white. Add a little bit of green to make a sickly color. Apply a thin layer of this base color all over your face. Be gentle around the tissue paper so you don't accidentally scrape it off.

Step 5

Gently create a jagged rip or hole in different places on the tissue paper, but not so big that the tissue paper rips all the way and falls off. Leave the sides of the tissue paper slightly hanging and wrinkled. Wait for the makeup to dry further.


Step 6

Dab black cream makeup around your eyes and mouth and blend it into your base skin color. Mix red and black together and fill in the gashes with the dark red color. Smear some of the blood color around your mouth.


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