How to Bind a Book With Yarn

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Things You'll Need

  • Hole punch

  • Scissors

Binding your book can be a family experience.

Binding a book with yarn can be a fun family activity. Often teachers will assign students the task of binding together assignments or essays to create a keepsake for later years, and sometimes it is necessary to rebind a book that is falling apart or bind a new book you have just created. Binding your own book using yarn is quite an easy process that doesn't require many tools.


Step 1

Gather together all of the pages that are to be bound. Stack them neatly on top of each other.

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Step 2

Punch holes in the left-hand side of each page of your book using a hole punch. Make sure these holes are equal distances apart and check that the holes match up on every page. The best way to do this punching process is to hold the front cover on top of the other pages so that you can see where the other holes need to be.


Step 3

Check that all the pages are in the right order. Rearrange if necessary. Stack them into a neat pile.

Step 4

Thread a long piece of yarn through the top hole, making sure to get every page. Tie a knot to secure the pages in place.


Step 5

Open the book carefully to see if it is able to be opened. If you have tied the knot too tightly, then the book will not open. Readjust the knot if necessary and then trim the yarn.

Step 6

Repeat this tying process in each of the other holes.


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