How to Fix a Salty Deviled Egg

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Things You'll Need

  • Eggs

  • Sweet cream cheese

  • Bacon

  • Louisiana hot sauce

  • Wasabi paste

Deviled eggs are a favorite picnic food.

It's easy to add just a little too much salt when cooking food. Sometimes it's simple to fix and other times more difficult. It is always a good idea to double check the filling for a deviled egg before filling the eggs to ensure the salt level is correct. Once there is too much salt, there is nothing that can be done to remove it -- it can only be diluted or covered up.


Step 1

Boil more eggs if there is time and add more egg yolks to the mixture. If there is not enough time to boil the eggs, then crack them, mix them together in a bowl and microwave them until set. Add the microwaved egg mixture to the deviled egg mixture.

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Step 2

Whip cream cheese in to the deviled egg mixture. First try a two parts egg mixture to one part cream cheese. Continue to add cream cheese as necessary until the salt is moderated. If cream cheese is unavailable, try unflavored yogurt.

Step 3

Make the deviled eggs as normal with the salty mixture, ensuring that the hole is filled flat instead of rounded. Spread 1 tsp. full of cream cheese on top of the deviled egg. As the person bites into it, they will have a sweet-salty sensation. Tell them you planned it that way. Add a 1/2 inch piece of fried bacon to the top of the cream cheese for a salty-sweet-salty taste. Sprinkle some Louisiana style hot sauce or dab some wasabi paste on top of the bacon for a hot-salty-sweet-salty taste.


Step 4

Add several tbsp. of sweet pickle relish into the egg yolk mixture. This sweetens the taste and helps mask the over salting. Horseradish, garlic or curry powder can also be mixed in to mask the salt.


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