Instructions for After Tie Dye

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Take care of your tie dye garments well after they've been dyed to keep the color from fading.

So, you've successfully tie dyed a T-shirt but aren't quite sure what to do now that it's done. To ensure that the color stays and lasts, there are a few instructions that you should follow after the dying process in complete. If the fabric that you dyed is not cotton, read the washing instructions label to ensure you do not accidentally shrink the garment. In no time your tie dye garment will be ready to wear out.


Things You'll Need

  • Iron

  • Mild detergent

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Step 1

Rinse the dyed shirt under warm water to remove excess dye. At first, you'll notice a lot of dye rinsing from the garment, which is normal. Once the water runs clear, rinse the shirt under cool water.

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Step 2

Wring out the excess water from the garment.

Step 3

Allow the garment to air dry. For cotton fabrics, you can simply dry it in your dryer on a low temperature.

Step 4

Iron the garment with a hot iron. This step will help to seal in the color, prevent fading and prevent the garment from bleeding.


Step 5

Wash the garment when needed separately from all your other clothes with a mild detergent and the washing machine's temperature set on "Cold."



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