How to Decorate Champagne Flutes With Ribbons

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Things You'll Need

  • Organza ribbon

  • Scissors

  • Hot glue gun

  • Glue sticks for glue gun

Ribbon is a simple, elegant accent for dressing up flutes.

The wedding toast is a time to embrace your commitment to your spouse and reflect on moments that brought the two of you together. When toasting your spouse, use champagne flutes that say something about you as a couple. Decorating champagne flutes yourself not only allows you to add personal flair to the glasses but also can help you trim your wedding costs a bit. You can tie a delicate organza ribbon bow around each flute, and even add etching, beads or lace for added pizazz.


Step 1

Purchase champagne flutes. Depending on your budget, you can choose a simple or more elaborate flute. You can choose between glass or plastic flutes depending on the style of wedding you are planning. If you plan on etching the flutes you should choose a glass flute. When you are finished decorating there will be very little difference between a high-end glass flute and a budget basic glass flute, especially if you are planning to do more than decorate with ribbon.


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Step 2

Look for a color of ribbon to match your wedding colors or choose a simple white or cream-colored ribbon. Organza ribbon works the best because it can be tied into a bow easily and will hold its shape throughout the evening. When choosing a size of organza, remember the longer the flute's stem the wider your organza can be. For a short-stemmed flute you should use a thin organza ribbon.


Step 3

Cut 6-inch lengths of ribbon for each flute you intend to decorate. If you want longer, flowing bow tails you can cut longer pieces of ribbon. Experiment with different lengths before cutting if you are unsure.

Step 4

Tie the organza ribbon into a bow around the top of the champagne flute's stem. To tie the bow you do not need a fancy technique; you can tie the ribbon the same way you tie your shoes to create a simple, elegant bow.


Step 5

Apply a small bead of hot glue under your bow. The glue will prevent the bow from sliding down the stem of the champagne flute. If you feel that you have tied the ribbon tightly enough you can skip the hot glue if you prefer. Or if you feel comfortable with your bow-tying skills you could also apply the glue to the flute stem before tying the ribbon around the stem.


Flowers, beads and lace can be combined with ribbon to decorate champagne flutes for your wedding.


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