How to Spot Weld Brass

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Things You'll Need

  • Medium grain sandpaper

  • Cloth

  • Vice or clamp

  • Safety glasses and welder's coat

  • Sparker

  • Filler rod

Weld your brass to get it back together.

Brass is a soft metal used in air conditioning piping, jewelry and musical instruments. If have a broken piece of brass, you can spot weld it with a tungsten inert gas welder. Because of its low melting point, you should be able to weld the brass together within a couple of seconds. You don't have to be a commercial welder to get your brass back together; you can do it yourself with little hassle and minimal knowledge of the subject.


Step 1

Clean the brass pieces that need to be welded together with medium grain sandpaper. Wipe the surfaces down with a cloth to remove any superficial dirt from the brass.

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Step 2

Bind the two pieces of brass together in a vice or clamp.

Step 3

Put on safety glasses and a welder's coat. Turn on the respirator on the TIG welder. This is a small knob on the top of the welder's tank. Light the welder with a sparker to start the flame.

Step 4

Heat the gap until both pieces of brass turn to red, but do not melt the brass. Run your filler rod across the gap between the two pieces of brass. The heat from the two pieces of brass should melt the filler rod to close the gap.

Step 5

Allow the brass to cool for about 15 minutes before use.


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