How to Make Halloween Face Painting Look Like Fake Cuts & Bruises

Things You'll Need

  • Cream makeup (dark purple, red, dark blue or black, yellow)

  • Makeup sponges

  • Mortician's wax (color of skin tone)

  • Plastic knife

  • Makeup brush

  • Baby powder

  • Fake blood

Bruises can be created with makeup.

Special effects makeup can really add to the overall appearance of your Halloween costume but applying it may seem daunting if you're not familiar with the basic techniques. Creating fake bruises and cuts on your face with makeup requires only a few supplies and tools. While you don't need much artistic skill for this type of face painting, you do need a little practice. Test out your makeup skills a few days in advance so you can perfect your look on Halloween.


Step 1

Dip a makeup sponge into dark purple cream makeup and apply a thin coat of it to your clean skin where you want to create a bruise. Try to avoid creating a perfect shape such as a circle or triangle with the makeup as bruises generally have an irregular shape.

Step 2

Blend the edges of the purple makeup with your fingers so that the makeup gradually fades into your skin. The bruise should be dark purple in the center and fade to a light purple at the edges.

Step 3

Apply red cream makeup to the center of the bruise with a makeup sponge and gently blend the edges. Don't cover up all of the purple makeup as you work.

Step 4

Repeat step three with dark blue or black cream makeup. Try to just add a little of the makeup so you can still see the purple and red makeup. This gives the bruise depth and makes it look more realistic.

Step 5

Apply yellow cream makeup to the bruise where the red, purple and dark blue colors start to get lighter and blend into the skin. This will make the bruise look like it is starting to heal.


Step 1

Shape a piece of mortician's wax or putty into a 1/2-inch diameter ball. You can find this material anywhere special effects makeup is sold. Look for a wax that matches your own skin tone for the most realistic effect.

Step 2

Press the wax ball onto your clean skin where you want to create the fake cut. Flatten the ball and spread it out until it is approximately 1/4-inch thick in the center and the edges blend into your skin. You may need to add more wax as you work.

Step 3

Carve a cut into the wax with a plastic knife, being careful to only cut the wax and not your skin.

Step 4

Apply red cream makeup to a sponge and pat it over the entire piece of wax and the surrounding skin. Repeat this process with yellow cream makeup to give the surrounding area a raw and irritated appearance.

Step 5

Dip a large makeup brush into baby powder and dust the powder over the cream makeup. This will soften the colors and dry the makeup slightly.

Step 6

Pour fake blood directly onto the cut you created in step three. Don't worry if the blood overflows or spills onto the surrounding skin as this is what naturally happens with a real cut.


You can use colored eye shadows in place of cream makeup if necessary.

Look for a makeup kit called a bruise wheel when you're shopping for cream makeup. These kits usually contain red, purple, black, green and yellow cream makeups to help you create realistic looking bruises.