How to Make a Simple Girl Toga Out of a Bed Sheet

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Last-minute parties may require you to get a bit creative with a costume. Toga parties, holidays or themed parties are all reasons to dress up in ancient Greek garb. A toga can easily be spun from a bed sheet, rather than spending your hard earned cash on a Grecian goddess costume.

Step 1

Hold a corner of the sheet over your left shoulder. Have someone assist you with this for ease.

Step 2

Drape the sheet tightly across your chest and tuck it under your right arm.

Step 3

Wrap it around your back, bring it under your left arm and bring it around your chest again.

Step 4

Drape the second corner across your chest, under your arm and over your back.

Step 5

Bring the corner over your back and fasten it to the first corner with a safety pin, a knot or a brooch.


Wear a T-shirt and shorts under the toga to avoid showing too much skin. Togas should be at least knee length.