How to Make a Tunic out of a Bed Sheet

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Wrap yourself in a tunic for a toga party.

Dress up in a tunic, or toga, for your next celebration. Looking "Roman" on a budget is simple as long as you have a white sheet handy to wrap around your body. Since tunics are shorter, look for a twin-size sheet to use, or you may have to fold a larger sheet in half. In addition to dressing in the tunic, wrap a crown of leaves around your head and a thin rope around the center of the tunic and apply a Romanesque brooch over the tunic knot.


Step 1

Open the sheet up and hold it up in front of you. Tunics are shorter in length; therefore, fold the tunic so the length reaches your knees.

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Step 2

Lay the tunic on a flat surface and grasp the fabric six inches from the corner with your left hand. The additional fabric is used to tie together the two corners.


Step 3

Keep the sheet folded and wrap it around the front of your body and under your right armpit. Girls need to cross over the top of the bust area to conceal the chest; men can place the sheet wherever it is comfortable.

Step 4

Drape the sheet around your back and under your left armpit. Keep the fabric tight against your body as you wrap.


Step 5

Pull the sheet around the front of your body again, and the corner upward toward your right shoulder. Hold the corner at your right shoulder while you pull the extra six inches of fabric in your left hand around the back of your head.

Step 6

Tie the two corners together in a knot. You can also use a brooch to hold the two corners together for a decorative accent.


Use a different color sheet, such as black or gold, to create a tunic that stands out in a crowd.

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