How to Make Floral Arrangements Inside Glass Vases

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Things You'll Need

  • Fishing line

  • Fishing weights

  • Decorative rocks

Submerge orchids inside a glass vase filled with water.

Whether you need a centerpiece for a wedding or a dinner party, these decorative elements can become quite pricey. You can create an attractive, eye-catching floral display without breaking the bank. Instead of using a run-of-the-mill flower centerpiece placed in a decorative vase, create an unexpected, eye-catching display by submerging your flowers into water. The water magnifies the flowers, helping to make the colors and details of the blooms pop. A submerged floral centerpiece adds a different, yet romantic and artistic touch to any tablescape.


Step 1

Select the type of flowers you want to use. Decide if you want to use a single type of flower, or an arrangement made of different types of flowers. For an exotic look, use orchids in your submerged arrangement. A submerged arrangement of tulips creates a romantic look. For a classic look, submerge a single rose.

Step 2

Remove the leaves from the stems. They may block the flowers when they are covered with water.

Step 3

Pick a glass vase. The type of vase you pick depends on your personal taste and the look you are trying to create. The vase can be any shape -- cylindrical or square, for instance. Make sure to pick a vase that is tall enough to completely cover the flowers with water. A square vase would work to showcase an arrangement of orchids. A tall cylindrical vase plays up the romance of a bouquet of tulips. Use a tall, thin vase to feature a single, long stemmed rose.


Step 4

Prepare the flowers for submerging. In order to avoid having the flowers float up in the water, they will need to be anchored. Tie a small fishing weight to the end of a length of fishing line. Tie the fishing line to the base of the flowers.

Step 5

Place the flowers in the vase. Surround the base of the flowers with decorative rocks to cover the fishing weight. Use glass stones or colored rocks that complement the color of the flowers you are using.

Step 6

Fill the vase with water. Tap water can cause bubbles to form on your flowers, disrupting the look of the display. To avoid this from happening, use distilled water. Pour the water in slowly to prevent the flowers from being damaged. Fill the vase with water until the flowers are completely covered.


For an added visual effect, float a candle on top of the water.