How to Make a Magic Carpet Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Large piece of decorative cloth

  • 4 tassels

  • Scissors

  • Sewing kit (optional)

  • Sewing machine (optional)

  • Measuring tape

  • Aladdin doll (optional)

  • Super glue (optional)

  • Trim (optional)

A piece of decorative cloth will look perfect as a magic carpet costume.

Making a magic carpet costume will pay dividends in that it can be reused for many different types of parties throughout the year. A magic carpet costume can be made using household items, and does not require a great deal of expertise to make. However, if you are particularly proficient in sewing, then you can make the costume more elaborate. The steps below describe a magic carpet costume that is simple and quick to make and will look effective.


Step 1

Measure a large rectangle on a piece of cloth. The height of the rectangle should be double your own height minus two feet. For example, if you are 6 feet tall, the height of the rectangle should be 10 feet. The width of the rectangle should be 4 feet. If your cloth is not this long, then two smaller rectangles of half the height by 4 feet will suffice.

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Step 2

Sew the two long edges of the rectangle together, and one of the short edges if you have used two smaller rectangles. You will be left with a 'pocket' with one open edge. This will form the basis of your magic carpet, with the open edge being the bottom.

Step 3

Cut a hole for your head at the top of the costume. Cut two arm holes just slightly below the top two corners. Try the costume on and see if it is comfortable to wear. If not, adjust the arm holes or head hole accordingly.


Step 4

Sew the tassels onto the four corners using the sewing kit or sewing machine. This will be the crucial detail in turning the poncho into a magic carpet. Add any more decorative detail you wish, such as a trim around the the edge of the carpet to cover any seams.

Step 5

Take the costume off, and lie it down so that the front is facing upward. Super glue an Aladdin doll to the center of the carpet, facing either direction. Place a book or something heavy onto the doll to hold it in place as the glue sets. This is a neat finishing touch to your costume.


Wear sleeves and gloves that match the color of the carpet to complete the look.


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